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Particulate matter is responsible for 7 million deaths per year worldwide and directly related to diseases of the respiratory system.

55% of particulate matter results from the wear and tear of brakes, tires and asphalt. Therefore, measures to reduce the use of combustion vehicles in order to reduce emissions do not solve the emission of this type of particulate matter, which will continue existing as long as vehicles continue to circulate, regardless of the energy with which they move.

What we do

We aim to improve the quality of life by improving the quality of air. Suspended particles are the cause of thousands of deaths per year, respiratory diseases and lung cancer, among others.

We observed that projects with similar purposes may have great potential, but other drawbacks such as the need for a large space for installation, being a less feasible solution for large cities.

Reverso benefits from existing transport to clean the air, being able to reach all corners of the cities.

What we do

Our solution

Reverso consists of a series of filters placed at an angle, trapping particles that pass through them. Its design is inspired in technology applied in the automotive world, adapting it to vehicles almost without affecting their performance. In addition, it has no electronic elements, since the air it filters is proportional to the vehicle’s progress.

Our product generates a direct impact in contributing to the improvement of the city’s air quality, capable of reaching every corner of the city. A single module is capable of filtering approximately 7 300 000 m3 of air per year.

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